Investment Platform following Brexit 2020

Many expatriates that have now moved abroad to start either a new life or simply just retire, are now considering their investments or assets held in their home country. With the focus on full financial planning, many expats are now in the process of selling assets and looking for Investment portfolios to place and grow their investment.

Investment Portfolio Option

With Expat Financial Advice Online you can now hold your assets in an online platform portfolio allowing you full access to see the performance of the funds. Funds within the portfolio can be managed on your behalf giving you more freedom to relax whilst gaining tax free capital growth on your investment portfolio.


The platform has an open architecture philosophy. Its aim is to offer access to the broadest possible range of investments, including collective investments (UCITS including OEICS, SICAVs etc), structured products, ETFs, Investment Trusts, cash deposits and to direct equity trading.


It offers multiple currencies in which your client can hold their pension investments so that they can address currency risk. Investments can be made and held in US Dollars (USD), Sterling (GBP), Euros (EUR), Swiss Franc (CHF), Australian Dollars (AUD) and Hong Kong Dollars (HKD).

Online Access

From your account you can research which funds you’d like to invest in to build your own investment portfolio.

· Choose from over 2,500 funds

· View a comprehensive performance history of each fund

· Access to the largest range and best value international financial products and services

· View live prices to ensure you get the best deal

· Detailed overview of the fund and risk analysis

Why use an Expat Investment Portfolio?

With most expats using high street banks and reporting that interest rates are record lows, the future buying power of these hard-earned savings is in fact hugely depreciating. With the Investment Portfolio, it allows for larger capital growth at low cost.

With an ever-growing number of professionals opting for a transient lifestyle, the desire to invest in an international or ‘offshore’ manner is becoming a common method for expat lump sum investment and portfolio management.

Many expatriates want to avoid the situation where they have investments scattered around the world. It is easy lose track of your investments and having them in one suitable vehicle which you can control, gives piece of mind to the expats on their Investment Portfolio.

Additionally, the tax efficiency of the international investment centres is an ‘extra bonus’ for those individuals who make use of these investment areas.

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